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Emollients for smooth skin


What are emollients in skin care?

Moisturizers and emollients are substances that can be added to cosmetic- & skin-care products to increase the water-binding capacity of the skin and the hydration of the horny layer. This compensates for any loss of moisture and makes the skin smooth and supple, keeping it in good condition.

Emollients are different from cosmetic moisturizers as they are unperfumed and do not have anti-aging properties.

Depending on the spreading behavior of the respective products or their combinations, various sensory profiles can be achieved. Emollients are often used to help manage dry, itchy, or scaly skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Emollients work by coating the skin with an oily film. This film locks water inside the skin and keeps moisture. The result is that the skin stays hydrated for a longer time, it looks fresh, moisturized and smooth. Additionally, the oily film of emollients helps treating problematic skin like acne, rosacea, eczema and much more.


Emollients are used in a variety of skin care and lip care products. In addition, they are used in sun care products as well as in the area of decorative cosmetics.

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