Your chemical supplier for specialty chemicals

TER Chemicals Distribution Group is one of the leading chemical distributors, suppliers and trading companies for specialty chemicals in Europe.

As part of TER Chemicals Distribution Group, TER UK has been providing a regional service to our customers since its inception in 2012.

Are you looking for specialty chemicals and food additives, like e.g. natural and synthetic resins, acid, waxes of all types, solvents, pigments and specialty chemicals to additives for the Adhesives, Paints & Coatings, Construction & Building, Polymers, Water, Textiles and allied industries? We have best contacts to a huge variety of chemical manufacturers and can supply a large range of industrial chemicals. We are a certified chemical supplier for all industries.

Do you need support on choosing chemicals or on the product formula? We offer this services for our customer and search for the right choice. You can find our solutions for the relevant product area by clicking on the corresponding symbol, or contact us directly.


We sell chemical products responsibly

Since chemicals are essential for manufacturing various goods and the supply of those is essential for many industries, it is our responsibility to take care of people and environment and to prevent harm to those. This includes but is not limited to responsibility across the entire supply chain, meeting the highest standards and certifications and enviromental safety.


About TER (UK) LTD.

TER (UK) LTD. further strengthens the group’s increasing pan-European network and enables customers from the United Kingdom to source a wide range of specialty chemicals stocked in, and distributed from ideally located UK warehousing.

Our industry specialists consistently provide our customers with exceptional quality, solutions to problems and technical advice for successful product implementation. A close working relationship with our customers and joint success is of the utmost importance to us. It goes without saying that the highest standards in storage, transportation and environmental safety are applied.

Our aim is to work with you to identify the specialty chemicals you want – and to provide you with a range of products that meet your requirements in all respects be it quality, price, delivery and back-up.