Lubricant additive

NOVOTEC® CL 800 sets new standards in the field of metalworking fluids. A cooling lubricant with excellent performance which is sustainable, environmentally friendly and not harmful for the health - this vision becomes reality with NOVOTEC® CL 800 from GELITA. The innovative protein-based liquid concentrate works well as a performance additive or base fluid in water-miscible metalworking fluids.

Efficient cooling effect with polyfunctional protein molecules

NOVOTEC® CL 800 consists of natural polyfunctional protein molecules and was specially developed to adhere to surfaces (e.g. steel, stainless steel and aluminum).

They form lubricating films from water-containing protein chains that efficiently lubricate surfaces and at the same time ensure a strong cooling effect.

The use of NOVOTEC® CL 800 guarantees an optimal combination of lubrication and cooling on a variety of different surfaces. The final result is more efficient heat dissipation during metal processing and a higher surface quality of the machined workpieces. The manufactured products can often be directly processed without intensive cleaning. This shortens process times and saves cleaning costs.

The most important advantages of NOVOTEC® CL 800:

• Improved wetting and cooling
• Optimized surface quality
• Easy further processing through clean surfaces
• Simplified machine maintenance
• Free of mineral oil because it is made on a natural basis
• Improves environmental sustainability
• Skin-friendly alternative to conventional products
• Heavily reduced allergy risk
• Natural polymer 

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