Amino acids

Amino acids are of great importance for humans and animals, because not all of the essential amino acids can be produced by the organism itself.

We offer the following amino acids or substances related to amino acids for the food:

  • Alanin
  • Arginin
  • BCAA
  • Creatin
  • Cystein*
  • Glutamin
  • Glycin*
  • Isoleucin
  • Leucin
  • Prolin
  • Taurin*
  • Threonine*
  • Valin

* also available for feed products within the framework of the statutory approval


In the food industry, amino acids are used in diet preparations, and as nutritional supplements and flavor enhancers. Amino acids are also indispensable as animal feed supplements. Their use contributes to sustainable animal husbandry.

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