« Feed »

When it comes to livestock: Optimally adjusting the nutrient supply to the animal's requirements ensures long term health and good yields. For that reason, commercial animal husbandry and the fattening of livestock require high quality feed products. Livestock farmers rely on methodically planned nutrition.

When it comes to pets: Pets make loneliness bearable and bring a smile to our children's faces: For many people around the world, pets - not only cats and dogs! – are part of a good life. And not only that: Hamsters, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, and many other animal companions teach children to take responsibility; cats keep vermin under control, dogs protect the home. Whoever provides good nutrition for animals – like our customers in the petfood industry – is also serving the people who share their lives with these animals.

Providers, however, are faced with difficult challenges: Economically producing high quality feed tailored to a particular animal, and offering it at competitive prices. TER Chemicals is an experienced trader of highly specialized products for all major animal feed variants that the market demands – all produced according to the highest quality standards (ISA, HACCP, FAMI QS), and with regard to the concept of Responsible Care. This makes us the ideal partner for providers in this growing and promising market: For example, glycerins, emulsifiers, vegetable and other thickeners produced by fermentation, all from our extensive range of products, can help optimize the texture of the animal feed, while amino acids, aromatic substances and of course vitamins can refine products for especially demanding customers. Finally, preservatives and antioxidants ensure that the products will remain fresh and appetizing for a long time.

For while the animal owner does not share the food, he closely inspects whatever he is serving to his charges: The bowl and the trough also contain a good deal of care and love for animals.