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Tomatoes from your own garden, herbs from the planter in the kitchen window, bread from your own oven – wonderful! But what if food, for lack of a personal garden, has to come from the supermarket – or there are only a few minutes for a tasty meal between the end of work and the gym?

Feeding millions of people and taking modern lifestyles into account takes more than a romantic notion of rural life. Even after the most gentle preparation, foodstuffs on the supermarket shelves can lose important qualities: Vitamins are lost, decay threatens, As luck would have it, the food industry today can take measures to meet the consumer's need for convenience while still providing an enjoyable experience: For example, with the help of vitamins, preservatives and aromatic substances – from strictly controlled natural and synthetic sources. Other, highly processed foods favored by the lifestyle-oriented populace – e.g. trendy sweets, diet or dairy products – are especially dependent on particularly refined raw materials such as sweeteners and sugar substitutes, and acidifiers for modern taste. Finally, food coloring makes for appetizing, presentable products.

TER Chemicals is the perfect partner for all providers that wish to meet the consumer's demand for tailor made products for a fast and delicious cuisine, for that snack on the run, or for a quick vitamin boost: with a perfectly designed assortment of short-term and flexibly deliverable products by producers with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Not only will TER Chemicals help to ensure the high quality of your products – using a highly professional quality management system that meets the requirements of strict standards (ISO, HACCP). We are also committed to the concept of Responsible Care, and will support you in utilizing the potential efficiency reserves in your company. And: We can offer you certified product and industry experts to support you in the development of new products and trends, and who can help assure your long-term success, even in the strictly regulated foodstuff market.