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Building our home, stone by stone! Those were the days! A quick look at a modern construction site reveals the truth: In many houses built today, polymer materials and smart chemistry make for the difference between a drafty framework and comfortable living. Seals made of UV-resistant specialty elastomers , thermal-bridge free window frames made of extruded , impact-resistant PVC, effective heat insulation made of expanded polystyrene or polyurethane, plus sealants, carpet glue , joints sealed with silicone rubber, coatings, cable sheaths: Products of the chemical industry make a significant contribution to our domestic comfort. They help us to save energy. And ensure that building remains affordable.

A longer look reveals even more: Wizardry from the chemical bag of tricks lets mortar flow more smoothly and prevents air bubbles, allowing floor screeds to cling closer to the warm water pipes of the floor heating. Unless perhaps air bubbles are desirable, for example to raise the yield of plastering mortars and minimize shrinkage: no problem! Other special additives ensure that mortars require less water and thus dry more quickly; finally, weathering and alkali-resistant pigments make even concrete colorful: No need for the world to be gray anymore!

But even these few examples show: The provider of modern building materials and additives for the construction sector is faced with significant challenges in the utilization of construction chemicals. It would not be very helpful if building experts had to study chemistry first. Successful products need to do their jobs in the harsh environments between the mixer and the roof; they have to be foolproof, economical and complaint-proof - especially in light of stricter standards and legal requirements, such as for indoor chemical exposure.

Prerequisite: Additives and raw materials from a professional who is familiar with the challenges in building - TER Chemicals. Our craft: Making the job on the construction site as easy as possible for you and your customers.