« Personal Care »

"Beauty is the flower of happiness", says a Japanese proverb. Many of our customers would sign this immediately! And so would of course many users who spend their daily time in the bathroom, at the hairdresser's and at the beach with cosmetics that contain products supplied by TER Chemicals. It does not take much to feel beautiful and well groomed: If the ingredients are right, a handful of care products will do the job!

Cosmetic products are closer to us than our clothes. Therefore, they must provide the highest level of safety, e.g. in regard to potential contaminants and allergens, and of course they have to be protected against microbial infestation. TER Chemicals is an ideal partner for the cosmetics industry: Besides a wide range of waxes of all kinds for cosmetic applications, we also offer vaselines, oils, glycerin, emulsifiers, rheology additives and of course natural preservatives. In addition to our expert technical advice, the portfolio is complemented by a wide range of raw materials - all from reputable, experienced suppliers - which provide skin- and haircare without ignoring the consumer aspects of aesthetics and convenience. Our application laboratory also supports our customers with technical advice in the development and optimizing of new and old formulas. An ever-increasing number of self-developed directional formulations completes this service concept.

Particularly in a market that is subject to strict legal regulations such as the European Cosmetics Directive 1223/2009, we cam really fulfill our reputation as an innovative, competent, solution oriented and reliable partner to our customers. For TER Chemicals guarantees solid product knowledge and expertise: We advise our customers in development, materials selection and purchasing, and stand for consistently high product quality. This is also reflected in our numerous certifications (ISO, HACPP, and of course Responsible Care).

And last but not least, through our pharmaceutical expertise, our employees are well-acquainted with the requirements of the cosmetics GMP. The ingredients for your skin and hair care products, for sparkling white teeth, for sunscreen and of course decorative cosmetics are thus coming to you from the very best of hands. Beauty is the flower of happiness – but quality and sound knowledge are also required to make sure a smile is always charming.