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If one questions experts on the greatest achievements of mankind, then instead of "landing on the moon" or "the Internet", some may answer "hygiene". In fact, the ability to easily wipe away dirt and microbes may have preserved more people from illness than penicillin & Co.

This is also thanks to smarter chemistry: Where we once had only soap and water to get the job done, today we have an accumulation of ever more precise products for highly specialized applications: Heavy duty, fine and wool detergents combined with specialties for graying curtains and oil-stained hands, for parquet, tile, carpet and window cleaning, for the dishwasher. Add to that fabric softener, toilet cleaner, bleach and car cleaning agents – to name just a small selection: The market is huge - and lucrative!

To allow hygiene products to accomplish their difficult jobs, chemists equip them with components from a constantly growing toolkit: Not just surfactants and biocides, also water softeners, alkalis, bleaches, acids and phosphates as chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors, brighteners, alcohols, enzymes, fragrances, preservatives and polymers that overlay surfaces as a durable, shiny protective coating, preventing renewed soiling – ideally, of course, biodegradable. And components to ensure that all the substances in a product play nice with each other – such as stabilizers. And, at the same time – like foam regulators, for example – take care that the products can be applied with ease and optimal results.

Some of the core components on this list are also kept on hand by TER Chemicals: at the high level of quality to be expected from a leading European distribution and trading company that is at home in many markets and represented by more than 30 companies in 20 countries – for cleanliness and hygiene are in demand everywhere! TER Chemicals does not only provide solid product expertise, but also expressly an outstandingly high reliability of supply through a customer specific inventory system that includes predictive stocking – making sure that its customers always remain the winners in the fight against dirt.